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Dr Dougall McCorry

  Dr McCorry: Specialities    

Dr McCorry completed his specialist training at the Walton Centre for Neurology and Neurosurgery, Liverpool. He has a special interest in epilepsy, head injury and headaches.

Dr McCorry is DIrector of the UHB Eplilepsy sURGERY programme.

At UHB, Queen Elizabeth there is a full epilepsy programme, including video telemetry, epilepsy surgery work-up, psychometry, neuroradiology and epilepsy nurse services. Dr McCorry runs clinics for First Seizure, General Epilepsy and women's clinics.

Specific interest in Migraine, tension headache, Chronic Daily Headache and Cluster Headache. Full range of treatments and investigation on offer.

Post head injury and whiplash syndrome
All patients with persisting post accident neurological symptoms can be offered imaging and other investigations as appropriate. Full range of treatment services.

General Neurology
Dr McCorry is a key figure in organising the general neurology services at both the University Hospital Birmingham. He offers a full in and out patient service.

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